Bournonite on iridescent Sphalerite

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    • Locality La Sanguinède, Les Malines, Saint-Laurent le Minier, Cévennes, France
    • Country France
    • Region Europe
    • Species Bournonite
    • Size (cm) 14.2 x 13.4 x 5.9
    • Size Large Cabinet (10cm - 20cm)
    Les Malines was a major Pb-Zn mine located in the Cévennes massif and a prominent international locality for bournonite. The best specimens were collected in the 1980's by miners and in 2004 when a large pocket was found by brilliant prospectors.Here is a dramatic bournonite specimen from Les Malines and without doubt the best I have ever had for sale! It features a group of unusually lustrous and sharp flat crystals, repeatedly twinned to form distinctive 'cogwheel' shapes and nested on a slightly bluish iridescent sphalerite sliver. The focal uppermost bournonite is 6.7 cm large, which ranks among the very large crystals from the locality! Notice also some translucent zones in the sphalerite crystals that reveal a dark red internal color.A fine and classic French bournonite specimen of international level.
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