Heliodor Beryl

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    • Locality Volodarsk, Zhytomyr oblast
    • Country Ukraine
    • Region Europe
    • Species Beryl
    • Size (cm) 5.0 x 3.7 x 3.5
    • Size Miniature (3cm - 7cm)

    Beautiful gem crystal of heliodor beryl displaying a nice intense yellow-green color. 

    The world famous pegmatite mines of western Ukraine produced the most significant fine gems in Europe.

    You can see on this nice gem crystal how natural dissolution by magmatic-hydrothermal fluids can reshape a preexisting beryl crystal, carving over geological times (thousands to hundreds of thousands of years) extra slender faces and patterns, eventually leading to a new crystal shape. 

    We could somehow think of it as natural, geological cut stone craft!