Smoky faden Quartz

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    • Locality Les Rochassiers, Talèfre, Mont-Blanc, Alps, France
    • Country France
    • Region Europe
    • Species Quartz
    • Size (cm) 24.0 x 16.0 x 8.0
    • Size Museum (20cm+)
    Here is an extraordinary faden smoky quartz from Les Rochassiers crest, of unrivalled quality in the Mont-Blanc massif! It displays a main thick faden crystal of excellent warm smoky color, highly glassy lustre, plenty of second order faces and growth patterns and showing a beautiful axial cloudy trail of fluid inclusions, the signature of faden crystals. Around this focal quartz are developed several smaller faden quartz, sharing the same axis as the father crystal, which makes for a nice overall movement in the architecture of this fantastic specimen. The sides are slightly dusted with green chlorite and recrystallized at some contact points with other crystals or host rock in the pocket : that's a floater.This is an opportunity to acquire one of the two finest large faden smoky quartz specimens known in the Mont-Blanc massif, along with a specimen kept in the Chamonix museum. Discovery by cristallier D. Féray in August 2008.